staychicfashion Womens Glittering Knot Striped Latin Dance Shoes Closed Toe Tango Dancing Sandals Closed/Rubber ynczE9

staychicfashion Womens Glittering Knot Striped Latin Dance Shoes Closed Toe Tango Dancing Sandals Closed/Rubber ynczE9
  • Glittering
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel measures approximately 2.16 inches". Soles Material: Rubber sole(Outdoor Wearing), Suede sole(Indoor Wearing).Heel height:: 5.5cm/ 2.16 inch.
  • Durable, Lightweight and Comfortable. Shoe buckle & clip provides instant slip and release. For dancing use only; soles made of non slip suede.
  • Suitable for Salsa,Tango,Chacha, Rumba, Samba, Jive, Paso doble, ballroom dance,wedding party evening prom or other special occasion.
  • PLEASE MEASURE the length of bare foot and compare with Amazon's official size chart before ordering. If feet are fat, you can take bigger size.
  • Usually ship out within 3 days, Shipping time: 5-10 business day, please ignore the shipping time on Amazon. For more styles, please click "staychicfashion" under the product name.
staychicfashion Womens Glittering Knot Striped Latin Dance Shoes Closed Toe Tango Dancing Sandals Closed/Rubber ynczE9 staychicfashion Womens Glittering Knot Striped Latin Dance Shoes Closed Toe Tango Dancing Sandals Closed/Rubber ynczE9 staychicfashion Womens Glittering Knot Striped Latin Dance Shoes Closed Toe Tango Dancing Sandals Closed/Rubber ynczE9 staychicfashion Womens Glittering Knot Striped Latin Dance Shoes Closed Toe Tango Dancing Sandals Closed/Rubber ynczE9 staychicfashion Womens Glittering Knot Striped Latin Dance Shoes Closed Toe Tango Dancing Sandals Closed/Rubber ynczE9

The next video ... another 'ramble' ... is on the way ...

to read the full entry | InterestPrint Womens Jogging Running Sneaker Lightweight Go Easy Walking Casual Comfort Running Shoes Autumn Tree Way Multi 1 jcQAKWL

Even though the previous video is only a few days old ... I'm already busy with the next one - that gap of over a month was just too long!

When I was thinking about what to feature in this next one, I thought over many of the comments we have been receiving, and there is a repeated pattern - wants to hear more videos like the one I did about old Ito-san the carver. Now I have to mention right up front that I can't simply 're-create' that video ... the experience I had with him was quite unique, including the follow-up after he passed away, so if you want more exactly like that, well I can't really do it ...

But having said that, there are a number of episodes accumulated during the years that I have been playing with Japanese woodblock prints that might be worthy of similar treatment in a video ... When I say 'similar treatment' I mean that I should forget about making a prepared script, just gather together a few items to help me remember the flow of events, get the camera ready, hit the 'record' switch, and tell the story ...

So that's the plan. What will the story be about? Well, there is of course no point in going through the whole thing here, but I can at least show you a few of those 'props' ...

A page from the little travel 'journal' I kept on our first trip to Japan in 1981~2 ...

This is part of the cover wrapping (it was fresh and new when I bought it!) of a print set I saw that day ...

A well-used woodblock ... dating from the early Taisho period:

A clip of a page of a book published here in Japan in 1979 ...

Part of a letter from the designer of that image ...

Is that it? Well ... no. I'm saving the best stuff for the video itself! :-)

Share in the fun ...

Posted by Dave Bull on May 12, 2018 [ Permalink ]

At the one year mark of the Patreon campaign ...

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It seems difficult for us to believe, but our Patreon campaign has been under way for over a year now. During that period, we have sent out a steady stream of the small prints that we offered as gifts to the backers - the prints we have been calling our 'Patreon Chibies'.

We're now busy printing the second set of design of those prints, and deliveries of those will start any day now. But when we set up the campaign we also promised a very different kind of reward for backers at the $25 (monthly) level - a 'SHARE in the fun CERTIFICATE' - and I've been quite delinquent in getting this ready.

Well, now that we've hit the one year mark, I can't put this off any longer, so production has begun! I'll share some photos over the next few days as we put this together, but here is how it is beginning ...

Here are the three blank blocks that I'll be using the produce the woodblock part of the finished certificate:

And after a couple of hours of work, I'm nearly done ...

What will I do with those blocks when they are ready for printing? I'll show you later, but here is a view of the starting point of the 'base' section of the certificate ... what a mess!

David's Choice #6 video is ready ...

Posted by Dave Bull on May 10, 2018 [ Permalink ]


We are grateful that you’ve chosen the Basilica for your child’s Baptism. As Jesus healed the paralytic (Mark 2:5), so too will your child be born anew (John 3:5).

From the Rite of Baptism

Please read the FAQ section below, which answers some of the more commonly asked questions. Then fill out and submit the Baptism Request Form.

Baptism FAQ
Baptism Request Form

Q. How old can the child be? A. From infant to five years of age. If the child is older than five years, and you are not a registered member of the Basilica parish, you will need to contact your local parish and register your child in their religious education program.

Q. Who can be a godparent? A. Canon Law requires only one godparent, who must be a practicing Catholic and active in their parish.

To be a practicing and active Catholic means:

If there are to be 2 Godparents, one must be male, and the other must be female. If one of the godparents is not Catholic, but is a baptized Christian, they may serve as a Christian witness to the baptism along with the Catholic godparent. Note: the parents of the baby to be baptized may not serve as godparents. Also, it is not permitted to have more than 2 godparents.

Q. Do the godparents need to fill out any paperwork in order to officially serve as godparents?

A. Yes! They must have this form filled out by the pastor of their parish. It must be sealed with the parish seal and mailed to us 1 month prior to the baptism at:

Baltimore Basilica c/o Maura Belton 320 Cathedral Street Baltimore, MD 21201

Q. When can I register for the preparation class? A. After we receive and review your completed baptism registration form, you will be contacted by the parish office. Basilica Baptismal Preparation classes are held on the 1st Sunday of each month by appointment only. Call our Office Manager at us 410-547-5523. Both parents and godparents MUST attend a preparation class.

Q. After I complete the required paperwork and attend the class, what happens next? A. Unless you have arranged for an alternate date, baptisms will take place on the 2nd Sunday of each month following the 10:45 AM Mass. You will need to confirm that your child is scheduled for an agreed upon baptism date and time before making arrangements.

Q. How much does it cost? A. There is no fee for a sacrament. However, the parish depends on your generosity. A donation is always greatly appreciated. $50-100 is a typical donation


410-727-3565 x 220


409 Cathedral Street | Baltimore, MD 21202


Opus fac Evangelistæ (Do the Work of an Evangelist)

To form joyful missionary disciples of Jesus Christ who transform hearts under the prayerful guidance of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Basilica of the Assumption is a historic and vibrant Roman Catholic parish. We exist to invite others into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; to form holy friendships in our community; to teach the Catholic faith; and to worship God with all our heart, mind, and soul. Each member of our parish cherishes:

As the first Catholic Cathedral in the United States and a Marian National Shrine, the Basilica places all things under the motherly guidance of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


11 Points

Because top 10 lists are for cowards.

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by Sam Greenspan last updated · originally written

From 40 Year-Old Virgin to Can’t Hardly Wait and everything in between.

As I was researching this list, I was surprised to find that no one’s ever done it before. I guess not everyone has quite my masochistic appetite. I love doing the grammar lists… and I brace myself knowing the onslaught of scrutiny that will follow. It happened after 11 Little-Known Grammatical Errors That Will Shock and Horrify You and then again after 11 More Little-Known Grammatical Errors That Will Shock and Horrify You .

Will it happen here? To be determined. Movies are a unifying target — 11 Movie Titles With Numbers Awkwardly Substituted For Letters was a big success — so maybe my grammar won’t be under fire.

On a side note, is what they would’ve called if it had starred Steven Seagal.

Now, on to the list.

1 |

or would both be correct. The title is not. That also applies to and — but is fine. One out of four isn’t that bad. (Well, it’s bad if you ask a baseball player. Or Meat Loaf. But not me. I think it’s fine.)

2 |

Looks like the on-screen chemistry of Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant was enough to melt the apostrophe right off!

Wait… what’s that? They had horrible chemistry? Oh. In that case, I guess the studio just forgot the apostrophe. Carry on.

3 |

When the movie had its theatrical release, they left out the hyphen between “40” and “Year.” Thereby not making the title about a 40-year-old man who’s a virgin but rather about 40 one-year-old virgins. Which isn’t a subject that raunchy buddy comedies need to tackle.

4 |

By leaving out the question mark, this title brought Abbott and Costello right back to life. If Who framed Roger Rabbit, I’m sure What was his accomplice and I Don’t Know drove the getaway car.

5 |

certainly wouldn’t sound as badass. And when you’re trash talking because you and your friends just *outdanced* someone, you need all the badassedness boosts you can get.

6 | or

Well, one of ’em has got to be wrong. I’d say it’s the latter; and I’m guessing they didn’t use the proper colon because they didn’t want this to come out looking like a SAT analogy…

7 |

Needs a hyphen between “Law” and “Abiding.” Otherwise, technically, the law is abiding the citizen. Which is kind of accurate, given the movie. The law just kind of abides Gerard Butler until he finally goes too far. Frankly, the law abides more than the citizen is law-abiding. Maybe it wasn’t an error after all.

8 |

As longtime readers know, I love this movie. Love it. But it needs an apostrophe. Since it means a “man of the ladies,” he’s a ladies’ man. Some kind of “woman’s dude,” if you will.

9 |

Without a hyphen, this movie isn’t about spiders but rather about eight freaks with legs. (Which might describe the eight people who actually went and saw this. Cheap shot!)

10 |

I can’t guarantee this one’s an error, but it very well could be. If it’s part of the sentence “Did you cry because of Marley and me?” then is correct. But if it’s part of the sentence “Marley and me were debating which one of us was going to die first and decided it was definitely Marley,” then it should be .

11 |

This was a grammatical disaster by design. But this brings me to an important point about — I’m not sure why they felt compelled to go with this title. The movie really isn’t about a bunch of kids looking forward to the future. Other than (sort of) Ethan Embry’s character and (sort of) Mike Dexter, the main characters are all focused on either capitalizing on the present or getting retribution for the past. If the title to feature a youth-pandering grammar error, why not go with or or or ?

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11 More Little-Known Grammatical Errors That Will Shock and Horrify You

11 Little-Known Grammatical Errors That Will Shock and Horrify You

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider :: The Cradle of Life: Franchise-killing disaster

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